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Commercial Mortgage Calculator excel with balloon payment and amortization to calculate monthly mortgage payments for commercial real estate properties. The commercial loan calculator comes with an amortization schedule that is printable and exportable to excel. The commercial property mortgage calculator gives you all the necessary information such as the total payment, interest, and principal paid as well as the monthly payment breakdown.

Commercial Loan Calculator

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Commercial Real Estate Calculator

The Commercial real estate calculator is to be used for commercial loans only. It is a perfect calculator for real estate investors who are looking to buy commercial properties as an investment. If you are looking for a conventional mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance, please use the mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance with more options.

For commercial loans, lenders expect the borrowers to repay the loan in advance before the due date. They do this by including a balloon payment which is a lump sum of money to be paid at the end of the balloon payment due year. For example, if the balloon due year is 5 years, you will make regular monthly payments to the lender. At the end of the 5th year, you are required to pay off everything in a lump sum payment. This commercial mortgage loan calculator with balloon payment will calculate the mortgage balloon payment for you after certain years. The commercial mortgage calculator with amortization has a commercial amortization schedule that has all the details about each payment including payment date, payment number, interest paid, principal paid, total payment, and remaining balance. The commercial mortgage amortization schedule is printable and downloadable for your convenience.

If you live in the UK, you can use the Commercial Mortgage Calculator UK.

Commercial Property Mortgage Calculator Terms

Following are the terms for the commercial real estate loan calculator.
Mortgage Amount - The amount of the loan that you want to apply for. Loan Terms - The terms in a number of years for the loan. Interest Rate - The annual interest rate that you need to pay for the loan. Balloon Payment Due - In how many years will the balloon payment be due. First Payment Date - You can set the date for the first payment date in the past, present, or some date in the future. Amortization schedule - Show the amortization schedule of each payment or on a yearly basis.

If you are working with a realtor whether you are looking to buy or sell a commercial property, you can use the commercial realtor commission calculator to calculate the cost of hiring a real estate agent.

What is a commercial loan?

A commercial loan is a loan issued by a bank to a company. To get a commercial loan from a lender, businesses may need to use properties and equipment as collateral. During expansion and growth periods, companies may use commercial loans to fund capital expenditure, operational costs, hiring new employees, buy real estate as an investment or as an office. For example, a restaurant chain may use a commercial loan to buy a restaurant and the building that comes with it, a property investment company may use a commercial loan for construction and to acquire properties.

How do commercial loans work?

To apply and get approval for a commercial loan, companies need to provide financial statements, such as their income statement and balance sheet to the bank. This is necessary because this is the only way that the bank knows that the business can repay the loan. In the case of default, the bank wants to take control of a company's assets to cover their loss. Commercial loans are usually short-term, but they can be renewed and extended for a longer period. Many commercial lenders require collateral for commercial loans, whereas some lenders require a down payment. It really depends on the particular lender that you work with. Shop around and see which commercial lender suits your needs.

Types of commercial loans

There are many types of commercial loans that businesses get, here are a few of them.

  • Traditional Business Loans - This is a commercial loan that businesses borrow from a lender to grow their business, and they pay back the money over time with a fixed-rate interest.

  • Real Estate Commercial Loans - This is a real estate commercial loan used to buy commercial buildings or other real estate properties for investment purposes or as an office. The real estate commercial loans differ from the regular mortgage as these loans are generally much shorter than the standard 30-year term for residential mortgages, they usually last for 5 to 10 years.

  • Equipment Loans - If a business needs expensive equipment and can't afford it, they can get a commercial loan for equipment, and they can use the equipment as collateral.

  • Vehicle Auto Loans - If your business needs to purchase cars, vans, or trucks to get the business started, you can get a vehicle auto loan for business.

  • Construction Loans - A business loan that to fund the construction of a building, office, retail space, multi-family house, or an entire apartment building. The construction loan is a short-term business loan that ranges between 18 to 36 months, but they usually are extended to a longer-term mortgage.

  • Business Lines of Credit - This type of loan is more like a credit card than a traditional loan. A business line of credit allows a business to borrow up to a certain amount of money whenever they need, and will only charge interest on the amount that the business uses. As soon as the business repays the lender, the credit limit goes back to the original amount.

  • SBA loans -  A business loan that is designed to help out small business owners. SBA loans are backed by the Small Business Administration or SBA. The SBA doesn't issue loans themselves, they work with banks and guarantee paybacks. SBA loans are similar to traditional business loans, but with longer terms and lower interest rates. SBA loans generally take longer to process and approve than a traditional loan.

Do I need a down payment for a commercial loan?

There is a difference between a commercial loan and a commercial real estate loan. A commercial real estate loan is just one type of commercial loan. As stated above, there are many types of commercial loans. Whether a commercial loan needs a down payment depends on the loan type. A commercial loan that to purchase commercial vehicles and trucks usually doesn't require a down payment, but a commercial real estate loan does require a significant down payment. If your business is using a commercial loan to purchase a commercial property, most lenders would require a down payment of at least 20-30%. There are mainly 5 types of commercial real estate loans, traditional commercial mortgage, SBA 7(a) loan, SBA 504 loan, hard money loan, and bridge loans. These types of loans are primarily used for real estate investing, and they usually have a higher interest rate than a conventional mortgage for residential properties.

How to get a commercial loan?

To apply for a personal loan or a mortgage for your home, the bank reviews your income history and credit score. When a business applies for a commercial loan, the bank also needs to review its income statement and credit scores.

  • Credit Score - As an individual, a business has a credit score too. The credit score of a business depends on many factors such as historical data, registration details, payment history and collections, and business operation data.

  • Company performance - To make sure that your company is able to repay the loan, lenders look at your company's performance. Be prepared to provide an income statement, balance sheet, tax statements to show the total revenue and profit of the business.

  • Proof of Collateral - Depending on the loan type, some commercial loans required collateral to protect the lender.

These are the three major items that lenders look at to decide whether the borrower qualifies for the loan. Some lenders will require additional documents from the business such as business plans, and how it plans to use the loan.

How to get a commercial real estate loan?

The most logical place to get a commercial real estate loan is a bank. However, keep in mind that there are other alternative lenders that a business can take advantage of. Also, there are pros and cons to applying for a commercial loan from a bank. Following is a list of lenders that you can get a commercial real estate loan to fund your next commercial investment property.

  • Bank - While the bank is the most convenient option and usually offers the best interest rate with the most flexible terms, the loan approval process is generally the longest, and they often require extensive documents and only issue loans to businesses with good credit scores.

  • Commercial Lender - These are non-bank lenders that provide commercial loans for real estate investment. While commercial lenders are not as strict as banks, and the loan approval process is often much faster, they do charge a higher interest rate. Their terms are often short-term, and not as flexible as a bank.

  • Crowdlending - This is a newer type of funding for commercial real estate properties. The standard is lower than a bank and a commercial lender, and the application process is usually faster. However, the downside is they have a higher interest rate and more fees, and the terms are mostly short-term.

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