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Commercial Mortgage Calculator excel with balloon payment and amortization is used to calculate monthly mortgage payments for commercial properties. The commercial loan calculator comes with an amortization schedule that is printable and exportable to excel. The commercial amortization schedule has all the necessary information such as the total payment, interest and principal paid as well as the monthly payment breakdown.

Commercial Loan Calculator

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Commercial Loan Amortization Calculator

Commercial Loan Calculator is to be used for commercial loans only. It is a perfect calculator for real estate investors who are looking to buy commerical properties as an investment. If you are looking for a conventional mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance, please use the mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance with more options.

For commercial loans, lenders expect the borrowers to repay the loan in advanced before the due date. They do this by including a balloon payment which is a lump sum of money to be paid at the end of the balloon payment due year. For example, if the balloon due year is 5 years, you will make regular monthly payments to the lender. At the end of the 5th year, you are required to payoff everything in a lump sum payment. This commercial mortgage loan calculator with balloon payment will calculate the mortgage balloon payment for you after a certain years.

The commercial mortgage calculator with amortization has a commercial amortization schedule that has all the details about each payment including payment date, payment number, interest paid, principal paid, total payment and remaining balance. The commercial mortgage amortization schedule is printable and downloadable for your convenience.

If you live in the UK, you can use the Commercial Mortgage Calculator UK.

Commercial Loan Terms

Following are the terms for the commercial loan calculator Mortgage Amount - The amount of the loan that you want to apply for. Loan Terms - The terms in number of years for the loan. Interest Rate - The annual interest rate that you need to pay for the loan. Balloon Payment Due - In how many years will the balloon payment be due. First Payment Date - You can set the date for first payment date in the past, present or some date in the future. Amortization schedule - Show the amortization schedule of each payment or on a yearly basis.

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