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Debt To Income Ratio Calculator calculates the amount of debt you have compared to your income. The DTI calculator calculates your front-end and back-end debt to income ratio.

DTI Calculator

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DTI Calculator

The DTI Calculator calculates the DTI and you will need this number when you are trying to get a mortgage or loan. The debt to income ratio requires only two variables, your recurring monthly debt, and your gross monthly income.

What is debt to income ratio?

Lenders look at the debt to income ratio to determine whether to lend you money or extend credit. The lower the debt to income ratio is, the better. A low DTI shows that you have little debt relative to your income.

What is a good debt to income ratio?

A good debt to income ratio is 36% which means your total debt should not exceed 36%. The 28/36 rule states that your housing expenses should not exceed 28% of your total income, and total debt should be below 36%. The maximum DTI that you can have is 43% and still get a mortgage, but your interest rate may be higher. It is a good idea to keep your DTI ratio low.

28/36 Rule Calculator

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