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Down Payment For a $1M House

What is the down payment on $1M house? - The down payment is $200,000 for a $1M house with 20% down and a mortgage of $800,000.

Down Payment on $1,000,000 House

Home Value
Down Payment

Minimum Down Payment For $1M Homes

There are minimum down payment requirements for different types of mortgages. The following shows the minimum down payments for $1,000,000 house. 0% Down Payment Mortgage - Qualified homebuyers for VA loans are not required to put any money in the down payment. 0% down on $1,000,000 = $0 3% Down Payment Mortgage - Some conventional mortgages have a minimum down payment of as low as 3% for customers with excellent credit scores. 3% down on $1,000,000 = $30,000

3.5% Down Payment Mortgage - FHA home loans require a minimum down payment of 3.% for homebuyers with credit scores of 580 or higher. 3.5% down on $1,000,000 = $35,000 10% Down Payment Mortgage - Many conventional mortgages require homebuyers to make at least a 10% down payment. FHA loans required a 10% down payment from borrowers with a credit score lower than 580. 10% down on $1,000,000 = $100,000 20% Down Payment Mortgage - Traditional mortgages require the homebuyer to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI) if their down payment is less than 20%. PMI payments will only be removed after the homebuyers have at least 20% equity in their homes. To avoid paying for PMI altogether, put down 20% or more as your down payment. 20% down on $1,000,000 = $200,000

Percent Down Down Payment Mortgage Amount
0% down on $1M house $0 $1,000,000
0.5% down on $1M house $5,000 $995,000
1% down on $1M house $10,000 $990,000
1.5% down on $1M house $15,000 $985,000
2% down on $1M house $20,000 $980,000
2.5% down on $1M house $25,000 $975,000
3% down on $1M house $30,000 $970,000
3.5% down on $1M house $35,000 $965,000
4% down on $1M house $40,000 $960,000
4.5% down on $1M house $45,000 $955,000
5% down on $1M house $50,000 $950,000
5.5% down on $1M house $55,000 $945,000
6% down on $1M house $60,000 $940,000
6.5% down on $1M house $65,000 $935,000
7% down on $1M house $70,000 $930,000
7.5% down on $1M house $75,000 $925,000
8% down on $1M house $80,000 $920,000
8.5% down on $1M house $85,000 $915,000
9% down on $1M house $90,000 $910,000
9.5% down on $1M house $95,000 $905,000
10% down on $1M house $100,000 $900,000
10.5% down on $1M house $105,000 $895,000
11% down on $1M house $110,000 $890,000
11.5% down on $1M house $115,000 $885,000
12% down on $1M house $120,000 $880,000
12.5% down on $1M house $125,000 $875,000
13% down on $1M house $130,000 $870,000
13.5% down on $1M house $135,000 $865,000
14% down on $1M house $140,000 $860,000
14.5% down on $1M house $145,000 $855,000
15% down on $1M house $150,000 $850,000
15.5% down on $1M house $155,000 $845,000
16% down on $1M house $160,000 $840,000
16.5% down on $1M house $165,000 $835,000
17% down on $1M house $170,000 $830,000
17.5% down on $1M house $175,000 $825,000
18% down on $1M house $180,000 $820,000
18.5% down on $1M house $185,000 $815,000
19% down on $1M house $190,000 $810,000
19.5% down on $1M house $195,000 $805,000
20% down on $1M house $200,000 $800,000
25% down on $1M house $250,000 $750,000
30% down on $1M house $300,000 $700,000
35% down on $1M house $350,000 $650,000
40% down on $1M house $400,000 $600,000
45% down on $1M house $450,000 $550,000
50% down on $1M house $500,000 $500,000
55% down on $1M house $550,000 $450,000
60% down on $1M house $600,000 $400,000
65% down on $1M house $650,000 $350,000
70% down on $1M house $700,000 $300,000
75% down on $1M house $750,000 $250,000
80% down on $1M house $800,000 $200,000
85% down on $1M house $850,000 $150,000
90% down on $1M house $900,000 $100,000
95% down on $1M house $950,000 $50,000
100% down on $1M house $1,000,000 $0

down payment on 1.1 million house

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