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Home Improvement Loan Calculator

Home Improvement Loan Calculator to calculate the monthly payments for your home improvement loan. The home renovation loan calculator takes three simple inputs, the loan amount, terms, and interest rate.

Home Renovation Loan Calculator

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Loan Calculator Summary

Loan Amount:
Monthly Payment:
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Start Date:
Mar, 2023
Payoff Date:
Feb, 2028
Total Interest Paid:
Total Payment:

Loan Amortization Schedule

Payment Date Payment # Interest Paid Principal Paid Total Payment Remaining Balance
Mar, 2023 1 $125.00 $441.14 $566.14 $29,558.86
Apr, 2023 2 $123.16 $442.98 $566.14 $29,115.89
May, 2023 3 $121.32 $444.82 $566.14 $28,671.07
Jun, 2023 4 $119.46 $446.67 $566.14 $28,224.39
Jul, 2023 5 $117.60 $448.54 $566.14 $27,775.86
Aug, 2023 6 $115.73 $450.40 $566.14 $27,325.45
Sep, 2023 7 $113.86 $452.28 $566.14 $26,873.17
Oct, 2023 8 $111.97 $454.17 $566.14 $26,419.01
Nov, 2023 9 $110.08 $456.06 $566.14 $25,962.95
Dec, 2023 10 $108.18 $457.96 $566.14 $25,504.99
Jan, 2024 11 $106.27 $459.87 $566.14 $25,045.12
Feb, 2024 12 $104.35 $461.78 $566.14 $24,583.34
Mar, 2024 13 $102.43 $463.71 $566.14 $24,119.64
Apr, 2024 14 $100.50 $465.64 $566.14 $23,654.00
May, 2024 15 $98.56 $467.58 $566.14 $23,186.42
Jun, 2024 16 $96.61 $469.53 $566.14 $22,716.89
Jul, 2024 17 $94.65 $471.48 $566.14 $22,245.41
Aug, 2024 18 $92.69 $473.45 $566.14 $21,771.96
Sep, 2024 19 $90.72 $475.42 $566.14 $21,296.54
Oct, 2024 20 $88.74 $477.40 $566.14 $20,819.14
Nov, 2024 21 $86.75 $479.39 $566.14 $20,339.75
Dec, 2024 22 $84.75 $481.39 $566.14 $19,858.36
Jan, 2025 23 $82.74 $483.39 $566.14 $19,374.97
Feb, 2025 24 $80.73 $485.41 $566.14 $18,889.56
Mar, 2025 25 $78.71 $487.43 $566.14 $18,402.13
Apr, 2025 26 $76.68 $489.46 $566.14 $17,912.67
May, 2025 27 $74.64 $491.50 $566.14 $17,421.17
Jun, 2025 28 $72.59 $493.55 $566.14 $16,927.62
Jul, 2025 29 $70.53 $495.61 $566.14 $16,432.01
Aug, 2025 30 $68.47 $497.67 $566.14 $15,934.34
Sep, 2025 31 $66.39 $499.74 $566.14 $15,434.60
Oct, 2025 32 $64.31 $501.83 $566.14 $14,932.77
Nov, 2025 33 $62.22 $503.92 $566.14 $14,428.85
Dec, 2025 34 $60.12 $506.02 $566.14 $13,922.84
Jan, 2026 35 $58.01 $508.13 $566.14 $13,414.71
Feb, 2026 36 $55.89 $510.24 $566.14 $12,904.47
Mar, 2026 37 $53.77 $512.37 $566.14 $12,392.10
Apr, 2026 38 $51.63 $514.50 $566.14 $11,877.60
May, 2026 39 $49.49 $516.65 $566.14 $11,360.95
Jun, 2026 40 $47.34 $518.80 $566.14 $10,842.15
Jul, 2026 41 $45.18 $520.96 $566.14 $10,321.19
Aug, 2026 42 $43.00 $523.13 $566.14 $9,798.06
Sep, 2026 43 $40.83 $525.31 $566.14 $9,272.75
Oct, 2026 44 $38.64 $527.50 $566.14 $8,745.25
Nov, 2026 45 $36.44 $529.70 $566.14 $8,215.55
Dec, 2026 46 $34.23 $531.91 $566.14 $7,683.64
Jan, 2027 47 $32.02 $534.12 $566.14 $7,149.52
Feb, 2027 48 $29.79 $536.35 $566.14 $6,613.17
Mar, 2027 49 $27.55 $538.58 $566.14 $6,074.59
Apr, 2027 50 $25.31 $540.83 $566.14 $5,533.76
May, 2027 51 $23.06 $543.08 $566.14 $4,990.68
Jun, 2027 52 $20.79 $545.34 $566.14 $4,445.34
Jul, 2027 53 $18.52 $547.61 $566.14 $3,897.73
Aug, 2027 54 $16.24 $549.90 $566.14 $3,347.83
Sep, 2027 55 $13.95 $552.19 $566.14 $2,795.64
Oct, 2027 56 $11.65 $554.49 $566.14 $2,241.15
Nov, 2027 57 $9.34 $556.80 $566.14 $1,684.36
Dec, 2027 58 $7.02 $559.12 $566.14 $1,125.24
Jan, 2028 59 $4.69 $561.45 $566.14 $563.79
Feb, 2028 60 $2.35 $563.79 $566.14 $0.00

Home Renovation Loan Calculator

Home renovation increases the value of your home. If you are planning to sell your house, home renovation can increase the asking price for your house.

What is a home improvement loan?

A home improvement loan is a loan that you use to renovate and make home improvements to your house. It could be a secured or unsecured loan. A home improvement loan could be a personal loan or other types of loan that you used to finance the upgrades to your home.

How do home improvement loans work?

A home improvement loan is similar to other loans where the lender grants the borrower and loan, and the loan is paid back in installments or regular monthly payments. The only difference is the intended use of the loan which is for home improvement. Borrowers can use the loan to install a solar panel, fix their bathroom, kitchen remodeling, window replacement, or any other upgrades. Borrowers who have less than 20% equity in their house are required to pay for private mortgage insurance. Renovating will improve the value of a home, and hence lower the borrower's LTV ratio. This will in turn allow them to remove or pay off the PMI earlier. Use the PMI payoff calculator to learn more about private mortgage insurance and how they can get it removed sooner.

What type of loan is best for home improvements?

There are many different types of loans that you can get for home improvements, mainly personal loans, home equity loans, home equity line of credit, cash-out refinance, and credit cards.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is an unsecured loan where the lender decides how much loan you can get based on your credit score and income. The terms for personal loans are usually shorter, it can be anywhere from 1 to 7 years. Since the loan is not secured with the home, lenders generally do not appraise the value of your home or check how much equity you have in the house. In case of default, the lender does not have the right to take or foreclose your home. However, it would crush the borrower's credit score. Personal loans are much quicker to process than home equity loans. With some lenders, you can apply and get a personal loan in as short as one week and have the money ready in your bank. The downside of a personal loan for home improvement is that they have higher interest rates which is the case for any unsecured loans.

Home Equity Loan

Homeowners with substantial equity in their homes may consider getting a home equity loan. A home equity loan is a secured loan that uses your home as collateral which means borrowers will lose their homes if they fail to make payments. To get any meaningful amount from a home equity loan, the borrower needs to have at least 15% equity in their home. Just like a personal loan, the borrower gets the funds in a lump sum and repays it with monthly payments. The major difference is that home equity loans have a much lower interest rate than a personal loan, which means borrowers would save a lot of money on interest. A typical home equity term starts from 5 years but can last up to 30 years. The total costs of a home equity loan can get expensive for longer terms as homeowners will pay more on interest payments.

Home Equity Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit is another option for homeowners with at least 15% equity in their house. Like a home equity loan, a HELOC uses your home as collateral. Nonpayment from borrowers would put their homes at risk. A HELOC is similar to a credit card whereas a borrower is approved for a line of credit, but they don't have to use up all the money. They can borrow a certain amount, pay them down, borrow again and continue paying. The amount that you qualify for depends on how much equity you have in your home. The interest rate for a home equity line of credit is a variable interest, so your monthly payment may go up in the future. Borrowers are only required to pay the interest on the balance or the money that you use. Some lenders allow a borrower to make interest-only payments initially and then repay interest plus principal at a later period.

Cash Out Refinance

A cash out refinance loan allows borrowers to refinance their existing mortgage into a new and larger loan. Borrowers use the new loan to pay off the balance on their current mortgage and keep the extra cash. Borrowers can then use this extra money for home improvement. There are no restrictions on how the borrowers can spend this money. They can use a cash-out refinance for other purposes. There are closing costs for a cash-out refinance and it could be costly if the interest rates for the new loan are higher than the existing mortgage. Borrowers could end up paying a lot more interest payments if the new mortgage has a higher interest rate. Therefore, the best time to use a cash-out refinance for home renovation is when the interest rates are getting lower. Another instance where a cash-out refinance loan may be a good idea is when borrowers refinance their longer-term loans into a short-term mortgage, and hence save on interest payments. For example, if a borrower still has 25 years left on their 30-year loan, a cash-out refinance into a 15-year mortgage could save him money on the overall costs. However, the monthly payments may be larger since he shortens the loan terms by 10 years.

Credit Card

A credit card carries a much higher APR than any other type of loan which makes it the worst type of loan for home improvements. Therefore, homeowners should be cautious when they run up their credit card bills for home renovation and use credit cards only for minor fixings. There are some credit cards that offer 0 APR for the first year or so as a promotion, and then APR starts to skyrocket after that period. If a borrower is getting that type of credit card for home improvements, it is recommended that they pay off the balance as quickly as possible. A home equity loan offers the best savings hence is the best option for borrowers with strong finances and who know that they are not going to default on their loan.

How to get a home improvement loan?

Depending on which type of loan you selected for your home improvement project, the process may vary, but you can always start comparing the interest rates from different banks. If you are considering a cash-out refinance loan, home equity loan, or a home equity line of credit, you can get a quote from the bank where you got your mortgage from. Since they already have your information, the application process might be faster and they might even give you a discount on the closing costs or interest rate as they want to keep you as a customer. However, you should still shop around and compare interest rates from other banks and choose the one that saves you the most money.

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