Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

Interest Only Mortgage Calculator calculates your monthly interest only mortgage payments with a printable interest only amortization schedule by monthly or yearly. The interest only loan calculator calculates initial interest only payments as well as monthly payments after the interest only period is over.

Interest Only Loan Calculator

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Interest Only Loan Calculator

The interest only mortgage payment calculator with amortization will calculate the monthly payment based on mortgage amount, loan terms, interest rate and the starting payment date. The interest only calculator will show a printable interest only loan amortization that is downloadable as a PDF. If you need to plug in more information such as the PMI, tax insurance or any other data, please use the Mortgage Calculator With PMI and extra payment.

Mortgage Calculator for Interest Only Loan

The rate for interest rate only loans can change from month to month or it can be fixed for 10 years. The borrower only pays interest on the loan for a term that generally lasts for 5 to 7 years. At the end of the term, the borrower can either start paying principal on the mortgage, or payoff the mortgage by making a lump sum payment or they can choose to refinance their home. This mortgage calculator for interest only loan calculates the initial interest only mortgage payments and monthly mortgage payments including principals after the interest only period term.

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