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Printable amortization schedule pdf with fixed monthly payment is used to calculate your monthly loan payments. Our free amortization schedule calculator is simple to use and comes with an amortization schedule chart. The monthly payment details is printable and downloadabe as PDF. Simply enter the loan amount, loan terms and interest rate to calculate your payment and get the monthly amortization schedule to view the interest and principal from each payment.

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published on January 03, 2021

How Amortization Works

A traditional mortgage with a fixed interest rate has a fixed monthly payment. In the beginning, the majority part of the payment are for interest, with little money paying down principal. As time progress, the ratio between interest and principal will get smaller and eventually reversed.

For this reason, the longer your term, the more interest you will be paying. The most common mortgage terms are 30 year and 15 year. You will be paying a lot more money in interest with a 30 year term than a 15 year term mortgage.

A $300,000 mortgage with a 15 year term and a fixed rate of 5% pays about $127,028.56 in interest and a total payment of $427,028.56, whereas a 30 year term with the same interest pays about $279,767.35 and a total payment of $579,767.35. That is a difference of $152,738.79 in total payment on a mortgage of $300,000. Once you find a mortgage that suits your need, you can use our loan calculator to generate an amortization schedule that shows you the details of each and every payment.

Payoff Your Mortgage With Extra Payment

Most people never look at the payment breakdown of each payment between interest and payment, and does not understand how the amortization works. Therefore, they may not even know there are other options to payoff their mortgage faster and save in interest payments. Of course, these options are not for everyone, because payoff your loan means you have to make extra payment. To learn more about these options, check out our biweekly payment calculator and extra payment calculator.

How to Use Our Amortization Calculator

Our amortization calculator will show you a printable amortization schedule that has a breakdown of your monthly payment so you know exactly how much is paying interest vs. principal from each payment. The remaining balance of your mortgage will also be shown. You also have the option to view the payment schedule by year or month. There will be a summary showing the total interest, total payment, and payoff date for your mortgage. If your mortgage doesn't start today, you have the option to select a date from the past or any date from the future. Following are the definitions for the amortization calculator. Loan Amount - Mortgage or the loan amount that you have or planning to apply. Loan Terms - You can enter a 30 year, 15 year or any other term for your loan. Interest Rate - A fixed rate rate for your mortgage. First Payment Date - Select a start date for your mortgage. Amortization schedule - View the amortization by year or month.

Printing the Amortization Schedule

The amortization schedule is printer friendly. After you calculate your mortgage, there will be a green button called "Print" showing below the payment schedule. Hit that print button to print the payment schedule.

Save Payment Schedule to PDF

Not only is our payment schedule printable, you can also exportable to pdf format so you can save it for later view. There is a "Save as PDF" button shown next to the "Print" button that allows you to save the amortization schedule.

Printable Amortization Schedule with Dates

The mortgage loan calculator is simple and easy to use and comes with a printable amortization schedule with dates. This is a simple loan calculator that allows you to see the amortization schedule by month or year. If you need to include more options in your mortgage calculations such as the home value, PMI, property tax, homeowners insurance, payment frequency, and extra payment, please use our printable amortization schedule with extra payments. We also offer amortization schedule in excel format if you need it.

Amortization Schedule Calculator

We also offer other mortgage calculators with amortization schedule for unconventional loans such as FHA, USDA, and VA mortgages. Commercial mortgage calculator is also available for those who are interested in commercial properties. We also offer mortgage calculators for early payoff, refinance and balloon calculators. All of the mortgage calculators has the built in function for a pintable amortization schedule. For those who are looking for a balloon mortgage calculator, use the printable amortization schedule with balloon payment.

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