LTV Calculator Auto

LTV Calculator Auto calculates your loan to value ratio for your vehicle quickly. The auto LTV calculator will calculate the loan amount from the LTV ratio and vice versa. LTV auto is calculated base on the vehicle value and the loan amount. Simply enter the vehicle value and the loan amount or the LTV, and the LTV ratio will be calculated automatically.

Loan to Value Auto Calculator

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Loan Amount
Loan Amount
LTV Ratio

How to Calculate LTV Auto Loan

Following is the LTV auto loan formulate on how to calculate LTV auto loan.
LTV Auto = Loan Amount / Car Value

LTV ratio is expressed as a percentage value. For example, if you borrow $25,000 to buy a $50,000 car, your LTV will be
LTV Auto Ratio = $25,000/$50,000 = 50%

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