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Simple Mortgage calculator Canada with amortization to calculate monthly and biweekly mortgage payments. Canadian Mortgage Calculator has options for extra payments, down payment, mortgage insurance (PMI), taxes and insurance. The Canada amortization schedule is printable and downloadable as a PDF file. Please use the simple loan calculator if all you want to include in your mortgage calculations are the mortgage amount, terms, and interest rate.

Canadian Mortgage Calculator

Home Value
Down Payment
Mortgage Amount
Loan Terms
Interest Rate
Mortgage Insurance (Yearly)
Property Tax (Yearly)
Home Insurance (Yearly)
HOA Fees (Monthly)
Payment Frequency
First Payment Date

Amortization schedule
Extra Payments
One Time
$ On Date
Monthly or Biweekly
$ Starting Date
$ Starting Date
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Canadian Mortgage Calculator

The Canadian mortgage calculator with extra payments allows one to pay off his or her mortgage earlier. It has four additional payment options such as one time, monthly, quarterly, and yearly extra payments. The PMI or mortgage insurance is required by the lender if a borrower chooses to make a down payment that is less than 20%. As soon as their equity on the house reaches 20%, the mortgage insurance will stop. The taxes and insurance as well as HOA fees are optional. If you do not wish to include them in your calculation, simply leave them as 0.

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