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Real Estate Commission Calculator

Real Estate Commission Calculator to calculate how much a real estate agent gets paid in commissions by selling a residential or commercial property. Homeowners can use this realtor commission calculator to estimate how much you will need to pay for the real estate agent for selling your house. Real estate investors can use this calculator as a commercial real estate commission calculator to see what the costs for realtors are for selling your commercial property.

Real Estate Agent Commission Calculator

Property Price
Commission Rate
Home Owner Receives
Realtor Commission

What Percent Do Realtors Make?

Realtors usually take anywhere from 3%-6% of the final sale price depending on where you are located. Different regions have different fees and it may be different from agent to agent.

Realtor Commission Calculator

Realtors can use this realtor commission calculator to find out how much commissions they can collect from selling a house.
Realtor commissions are calculated based on the property price and commission rate. Simply enter the property price and the commission rate, and the commission amount will be calculated instantly.

Should I Hire a Real Estate Agent?

There are a few ways that a homeowner can sell their house. They can sell it on their own or use a real estate agent for help. There are both pros and cons to utilizing a realtor. The pro of listing your house with a realtor is that you will be able to sell your house much quicker. Real estate agents are licensed salespeople and their job is to sell houses. A good real estate agent will give you a pretty accurate estimate on how much your house is worth by comparing it to similar houses that are recently sold in your neighborhood. The con of hiring a real estate agent is that homeowners are required to pay a commission once the house is sold.

What Real Estate Agents Do

Real estate agents are licensed agents and are regulated by state laws. They help buyers to find houses to buy and sellers to sell their houses. Following is a list of things that the selling realtors do.

  • List your house and promote your house to their network of buyers and other agents and brokers through the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • Market the house through print media such as advertising in newspapers or through the internet or both.
  • Meet and show your house to potential buyers
  • When a buyer makes an offer, they will report the offering price to the seller and sign a purchase agreement with the buyer. If your area is hot, you may get multiple buyers that make their bids on the house.
  • Help the seller to get the price they want, and with all the paperwork that is necessary from signing contracts to closing the deal.

Real Estate Agent Fees

The real estate agent fee is negotiated upfront between the homeowner and the agent. The agent's fee is not a fixed cost, usually, it is a percentage of the sold price of your house. A 3% fee on a house worth $300,000 would mean $9,000 in commissions for the realtor.

How to Calculate Real Estate Commissions

A formula is showing below on how to calculate real estate commissions. Follow the below steps on how to calculate real estate commissions on a $1,000,000 house and 3% fee. Real Estate Agent Fees = Property Price x (Commission / 100), plugin the numbers, and we get Fees = $1,000,000 x (3 / 100) = $1,000,000 x 0.03 =  $30,000 You can use our realtor fee calculator to get the same result quickly.

Commercial real estate commission calculator

Real estate investors can use this as a commercial real estate commission calculator to estimate the realtor costs of selling your property. Commercial realtors can use this calculator to estimate how much they will get paid for selling commercial property.

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